Professor Rhoshel Lenroot

Prof Rhoshel Lenroot is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and researcher in clinical developmental neuroscience currently based at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.  She began with undergraduate studies in philosophy and classics at St John’s College in Santa Fe, NM, in the United States.  She then began her studies of Eastern philosophy and contemplative practices, and worked as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist until undertaking her medical degree at the University of New Mexico.  During her psychiatric residency she began pursuing neuroimaging studies of adolescents with psychotic disorders.  This took her to the National Institutes of Mental Health, where she worked as a research fellow from 2004-2009 on longitudinal neuroimaging studies of brain development.  In 2009 she relocated to Sydney, Australia, to take up her current positions at the University of New South Wales, NeuRA, and Southeastern Sydney Local Health District.  A longstanding goal has been to foster dialogue between different ways of understanding the mind in order to find the best ways of helping young people developing mental health disorders.