Get Involved

The Contemplary is sustained through the work of volunteers who give their time and skills to help shape the organisation and ensure its offerings to the community are of the highest standard. The Contemplary invites you to creatively engage with our agenda and to help us make the organisation of the greatest benefit to the community. There are many areas of unrealized potential waiting for people with the requisite skills to join the organisation and take leadership.

If you would like to work with The Contemplary in an area of interest to you please write to


The Contemplary relies upon donations from a growing community of beneficiaries, supporters and those actively involved in running organisational activities.  These donations contribute to the cost of offering a program of educational activities, public talks and research initiatives. If you would like to become a benefactor and make a gift to the organisation you can do so here.

Becoming a Member of The Contemplary

We hope soon to offer a membership option as a way of providing people with a regular opportunity to make a financial contribution to the organisation in exchange for direct benefits.  Keep an eye on this space for further news.