Weekly Community Practice Sessions

Building a community of urban contemplatives.


Come sit with us

A community of practice provides a supportive environment to practice for the transformation and the healing of self and society…  A community of practice provides its members with a collective energy that penetrates, supports and inspires its members.  – Thich Nhat Hanh

In our experience,  by sitting and meditating together we’re better able to support one another in our practice and foster a deeper sense of community and connectedness.  Our community sessions provide an opportunity to meditate together and to explore and share our experiences of practice and of living a more contemplative life.

Join us every week on Wednesday evenings where we offer guided practice in Shamatha meditation.

Samatha practice particularly aims to develop samatha, which means ‘calm’, ‘peace’ or ‘tranquillity’. It uses a form of the ancient Buddhist practice of ‘mindfulness of breathing’ (ānāpāna-sati): attending carefully to the in and out flow of the breath. The Buddha adapted this from existing yoga techniques, and used it as the basis for his own attainment of awakening or enlightenment.  – Peter Harvey

Shamatha practice (we take the Sanskrit spelling) provides a firm foundation for other contemplative practices and for a living a mindful life.  This kind of practice may take a range physical and mental phenomena as the object of attention.  We will mostly be focusing on developing calm and abiding mindfulness of the breath.

Our Wednesday Sessions are intended for people of any level of experience. There will be two guided practice sessions and plenty of time for discussion afterwards.

What to bring:

We have chairs and meditation cushions for seated meditation and plenty of blankets but feel free to bring a yoga mat or any props you may require. In the cooler months the chapel is heated but in any case please wear suitable loose-fitting clothing.

Community of Practice Leaders

These meditations will be led by different members of The Contemplary.

Staying in touch through Meetup

We are using the popular platform ‘Meetup’ to manage all of our Community Sessions. To keep up-to-date with what’s happening and to RSVP to Community Sessions you can join our Meetup Community by following these steps:

1. Visit Meetup.com and register an account or sign-in
2. Go to our Contemplary Community page and click ‘Join this group’
3. Check out our Upcoming Events and click ‘Attend’ on the session you would like to participate in

If you install the Meetup app on your smartphone you will be able to RSVP to our sessions, receive reminders and be notified of any changes or cancellations.