Gebchak Wangdrak Rinpoche

Wangdrak Rinpoche was officially recognized by Sakya Trizin (head of the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism) as the third incarnation of Wangdrak Dorje, one of the early Lamas of Gebchak Gonpa who saw the need to provide women with the same opportunity as men to train in the Buddhist path. At the age of nine Rinpoche began his monastic education in the Kagyu, Sakya and Nyingma traditions, receiving the Khenpo degree in Buddhist philosophy at Dzongsar College in Tibet.

Ani Tenzin Chozom (his translator) is a Canadian nun who has lived in India and Tibet for 18 years and has been Wangdrak Rinpoche’s translator for 11 years. She is now a PhD candidate at Sydney University.