Charles Potter

My involvement with The Contemplary arises as a consequence of both a personal struggle with my own wellbeing and a desire to participate in a constructive, collaborative effort to improve the wellbeing of our community.  These two themes are of course inter-related.  Our inner lives shape and are shaped by the world we inhabit.  I have personally found that flourishing (within and without), in its most meaningful sense (eudiamonia) is linked to living an ethically engaged life, supporting and supported by, regular contemplative practice.

As a contributor to the work of the Contemplary, I hope to support the well being of our community by furthering the integration of contemplative practices into secular life.

My training and professional life has primarily involved me in the application of psychoanalytic and systemic frameworks in the development of social systems – particular work organisations.  For most of the last 35 years I have been involved in some form of meditation practice.  I am currently focused on what the Buddhists call shamatha (calm abiding) meditation and on the cultivation of a more compassionate mind.