Anita Milicevic

Anita Milicevic came to Australia as a refugee from the Balkans war in 2001. Since that time she has completed an Honours degree and a PhD in Psychology at Victoria University. Concurrent with the 3.5 years of her PhD study, she has held positions as a Family Therapist, Disability Worker, Community Worker, Youth Justice Worker as well as working as a Lecturer in Psychology. She has employed scholarly teaching practices and introspection that motivate and inspire students to learn. She piloted and tested a new educational program for emotional literacy among students and lecturers. Anita is passionate about research and she is particularly driven by a need to understand the interconnection of the psychological, social and political dimensions of trauma. Her enthusiasm and commitment to working in the area of compassion and reconciliation was recognised by Victorian Refugee Recognition Record for outstanding efforts and commendable achievements to the community and the State of Victoria. Anita works as the Head of Social Sciences at Endeavour College in Melbourne. She is responsible for the design and development of an undergraduate curriculum based on theoretical and practical training that integrates the wisdom of East and West. Anita is Australian and NZ Regional Advocate for the Center for Contemplative Research in Tuscany.