Andrew Green

After many years of working as an Information Technology professional I decided to pursue my passion in studying and teaching contemplative and movement practices. In 2016 I successfuly became a Level 1 (350 hour) Yoga Australia qualified Yoga instructor as well as completing teacher training as a Cultivating Emotional Balance facilitator under the guidance of Eve Ekman and Alan Wallace. In 2018 I completed teacher training as an L2 coach in Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system of mindfulness training. My key interests are in exploring and sharing mindfulness, somatics, movement and healthy emotion expression.

Our world has become more connected than ever before as a result of rapid technological advancement. Although this has brought many material benefits, there is mounting concern that we are just as rapidly becoming disconnected from our bodies, our emotions, our relationships and our environment. In response, there is a growing movement that seeks to restore our connection to our bodies and our environment through contemplative and movement practices.

Driven by my own need for deeper embodiment and connection I’m committed to exploring modalities that seek to address technologically-driven disembodiment and be able to offer skilful ways of restoring balance in our increasingly fragmented and connected digital lives. I’m working to develop and refine our core offerings to the general public and hope this will one day soon come to fruition in the form of a physical community of practice.