Mindful Compassion Training

With Dr Petrina Barson and Dr Amy Finlay-Jones

The Mindful Compassion Training Workshop is designed to provide individuals, health professionals and caregivers with an
introduction to some of the key skills and concepts involved in self-compassion, mindfulness, and compassion for others.  This workshop is also an opportunity for people with previous training to revisit and refresh their compassion practice, or to broaden their orientation from ‘other’ focused compassion to self-compassion, or vice versa.

In this workshop you will engage in learning, discussion, and experiential exercises that are designed to help you intentionally cultivate compassion for self and others. In addition to exploring the personal benefits of compassion practice, you will gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of compassion training for health care professionals and caregivers, such as supporting resilience and self-care, enhancing empathic communication with clients, and promoting a culture of kindness in the workplace.

This workshop is led by two highly experienced teachers and is based on two internationally recognised mindfulness-based compassion-training programs:

• Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT), developed at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University

• Mindful Self-Compassion Training (MSC), developed at the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion in collaboration with the UCSD Center for Mindfulness