Agnosticism as a Path: The Cloud of Unknowing

A weekend workshop with Rev. Dr. John Dupuche

In the late fourteenth century, an anonymous English parson penned one of the finest works of mysticism the West has produced: The Cloud of Unknowing. Part meditation manual, part theological tract, the basic thesis of The Cloud is that God is best known not through the operation of the intellect but through love. What ensues from this modest premise is a method of seeking union with the absolute which is beyond all dogma and every preconception. As such, The Cloud presents a tender yet fundamentally anarchic spiritual theology. For the radical conclusion of its logic is that the lived and felt reality of agnosticism, that is, of not-knowing, far from being an absence of faith, is in fact its culmination.

This two-day workshop is an opportunity for Christians and non-Christians alike to discover potent ways of meditating on love, longing, desire, and the absolute. Themes of trust, doubt, surrender, and renunciation will be covered on the way. No background knowledge or commitment is required.