Tom Hardman

My involvement with The Contemplary originated out a friendship with Charles that had developed while I was tutoring his son in Latin. When he told me of his idea for The Contemplary, the prospect of exposure to different teachers and a community of meditators appealed to my own burgeoning interest in meditation. And indeed, the friendships I have developed and the remarkable people I have met through The Contemplary have been the most rewarding aspects of my involvement in it.

In 2018 I finished an honours degree in philosophy. At the moment I am particularly interested in thinkers such as Heidegger and Kant, both of whom are intensely concerned with the relationship between subjectivity and the world at large, or being as such (although neither of them would phrase it like that). Other important sources for me are Simone Weil, Nagarjuna, and the canonical figures of Christian mystical tradition (especially St John of The Cross).