Angela Lane

Meditation and Yoga are the rocks upon which my life is surrounded. I became interested in health after first qualifying as a nurse in 1974. Subsequently, working in operating theatres, it soon became clear, there was more to health than through the eye of a reductionist lens.

A miracle of fate drew me into a career as a Natural Therapist and Acupuncturist in 1977. For the past 39 years, this has been my career, working as a Clinician and managing a multimodality holistic practice. Currently I am working with a collaborative team of therapists at Carlton Natural Health and teaching yoga at inner community leisure centers as well as at Melbourne University.

As a mother, grandmother, clinician, teacher, it has become clear that what integrates and harmonises the various levels of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, is a transcendent daily practice.

My involvement with the Contemplary is as an interested participant and yoga advisor, when called upon. My daily practice involves early morning meditation and yoga as well as ongoing philosophical studies.

For hedonic pleasure, I love to dance the tango, juggle, play table tennis, garden, read and cook exotic, nutritious meals for family and friends.