Sponsoring a Contemplative - Tara Choying Lhamo

Dear Friends,

You may remember that in 2017 we were fortunate to host a talk by the Austrian Contemplative Tara Choying Lhamo.   Tara had been living in retreat for over twenty years. Twelve of those years were spent high in the mountains of Nepal in one of the caves frequented by Milarepa (one of Tibet’s most famous yogis and poets).

Many of those who attended Tara’s talks around Australia, expressed gratitude for the wisdom she offered and commented that they felt they had benefited from being in the presence of a genuinely accomplished contemplative who spoke straight from the depths of her experience, rather than from scholarly knowledge.

We had planned a retreat to be led by Tara in 2019, but, unfortunately, after a period of being snowed into her cave, she was then critically injured after sustaining a blow to the head from a fallen icicle. At the point of death and in extreme isolation, Tara was rescued by some monks who had gone trekking in search of her.

After a period of recovery, Tara is once again re-entered retreat to recuperate, with the intention of re-emerging in 2021.   I recently had correspondence with her and it transpired that she is in need of some financial support to sustain her in retreat.  With this in mind we have set up a Go-Fund me page and invite anyone who would like to make a donation to do so using the button provided, which will take you to the Go-Fund me page we have set up on Tara’s behalf.