Fr. Laurence Freeman

Meditation in the Christian Tradition

Fr Laurence Freeman OSB: Meditation in the Christian Tradition

‘In meditation, we go to the heart; we discover the heart, and we stay there in stillness and silence. It’s very simple. Never forget the simplicity of meditation.’

In this one-day event, Fr Laurence Freeman, director of the World Community for Christian Meditation, will draw upon the message of the Gospels and the Christian mystical tradition to introduce participants to a practice of meditation that has its immediate roots in the teachings of Fr John Main. Main was a Benedictine priest who, in 1955, learnt how to meditate from a Hindu monk by the name of Swami Satyananda. That encounter sowed the seed for what would become a world-wide revitalization of the Christian contemplative tradition through the practice of mantra recitation. As such, this practice is unique in its accessibility both to Christians who wish to deepen their own spiritual practice, and non-Christians who wish to explore the richness of Christian mysticism and meditate in the presence of one of the foremost contemplatives of our times.

In this seminar, Fr Freeman will give an introduction to the essentials of meditation in the Christian tradition, guidance on the practice, and discuss the role that meditation has to play in bringing about world peace. As with all our events, this seminar is open to people of all religious persuasions and none. All that is needed is an open mind.