Cultivating Emotional Balance

Training the Mind and Emotions for Better Relationships

Living a happy and rewarding life is a skill we can learn. Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) blends an ancient approach to mindfulness, empathy and compassion with groundbreaking scientific research on emotions.

The course has been shown to reduce destructive emotional responses that can ruin relationships and peace of mind.

Balancing theory and practice, CEB offers effective, age old techniques made relevant to modern lifestyle.

This unique course was developed in response to the Mind and Life conference of 2000 which is the subject of Daniel Goleman’s best selling book, Destructive Emotions.


Course Structure

This evidenced based meditation and emotion awareness training runs over three weekends.  There is a two week gap between the first and second weekend and a three weekly gap between the second and third weekend.  These intervals allow time for the application of practices and tools designed to cultivate emotional balance and transform your relationship to your emotional life.

Participants can either sign up for the full course or take the first weekend as a stand alone introductory workshop and then decide whether to continue on to complete the course.