Sunday Evening Meditations

with Tom Hardman and Dr. Petrina Barson

Commencing 31st July 2022

Sunday evening meditations

On Sunday evenings from 5:00 to 6:30, The Contemplary will be holding a weekly gathering for meditation and shared reflection. The meditations will be drawn from a suite of practices in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition centred around the cultivation of equanimity, steadiness, calm, and clarity. The period of group reflection following the meditations will be an opportunity to integrate practice and everyday life by bringing these same qualities into the interpersonal domain.

Beginners and experienced meditators are welcome, as are people of any religious or non-religious outlook. If sitting upright on a cushion is difficult for you, there will be chairs, as well as space for people to meditate lying down in the supine position

The gathering will be held in person every Sunday of the month, except for the 4th Sunday of the month, when it will be delivered on Zoom as the monthly compassion meditation with Dr Petrina Barson.

What to bring: We have chairs and meditation cushions for seated meditation and plenty of blankets but feel free to bring a yoga mat or any props you may require. Please wear suitable loose-fitting clothing.