16 Guidelines

For Living a Happy Life

This weekend workshop will explore the 16 Guidelines for a happy life, a set of practical, straightforward tools for developing happiness, wellbeing and meaning in everyday life. Inspired by a 7th century Tibetan text, they offer a presentation of universal wisdom about how we think, act, relate to others and make meaning in the world. This workshop is suitable for people of all ages, cultures and traditions.

The guidelines are grounded in the belief that positive change in society starts with each one of us. The guidelines offer powerful practices to cultivate emotional and social awareness, our capacity to be kind and wise and to develop happiness and meaning in our life and the lives of those around us. The more happy and fulfilled we are, the more chance we have to build a just and peaceful world.

Developing our natural capacity for compassion and wisdom is the key to making our lives happier and more peaceful and to being able to make a positive contribution to healing the world at this critical time.

The 16 Guidelines offer an opportunity to explore your own life experiences. Divided into four themes and represented by a role model, you can use them to experiment with new ways of thinking, acting, relating to others and finding meaning in your life.

The workshop will be divided into four key areas of investigation:


  • How we think – Everything we say and do arises from our thoughts
  • How we act – Every skilful action makes a better world
  • How we relate to others – Every time we cherish others we are cherishing ourselves
  • How we find meaning – If everything is changing, anything is possible

This course is specially designed to convey the essences of Buddhist philosophy in everyday language for people from any spiritual tradition or none. It provides participants with practical skills to enhance our understanding and authentic actions in each of these key areas and all areas of life. The 16 Guidelines have been implemented in prisons, in schools, in the corporate sector and a range of community settings.